We get Veterans job ready for tech careers

Test yourself and see if you have the potential to take a future career in a high growth industry. Learn new skills and become job ready in under 100 hours.

IT System Administration

The WYWM IT Specialist

Job ready in 50 hours via the WYWM Academy

System maintenance and administration

Linux networking

Troubleshooting common problems

System hardening/security

Start a career as a systems administrator and head towards a career in automation

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Cyber Defender

The WYWM Cyber Defender.

Four defender career pathways

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Training from Analyst through to Threat Hunter

400 hours of world class training provided for free

Over 3 million jobs in Cyber Defense globally

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Data Science Consultant

Data Analyst.

Job ready as a data analyst in 100 hours and Data Scientist in 400 hours via the WYWM Academy

Technical writing, visualisation and communication

Develop prediction models for complex systems

Design, build and maintain data architectures

Building predictive models, ML algorithms

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RPA Consultant

RPA Developer/ Consultant.

Job ready in 30 hours via the WYWM Academy

Blue Prism Developer - Accreditation

UI Path Developer - Accreditation

Business process (end-to-end) and feasibility analysis

Process optimisation, improvement and design

RPA solution development and build (end-to-end)

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python software DEVELOPER

Software Engineer.

Job ready as a junior software developer in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Build cutting edge web and mobile apps in the same way instagram was developed

Design Audio/Video applications of the likes of Facebook live and Twitch using pure object-oriented Python

Get started in Game development with the same framework used by AAA studios such as Battlefield & Eve Online

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Jane Lowe

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