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Potential over experience.

We've helped over 20,000 underemployed/unemployed job-seekers get tech jobs without having to invest years and money into training. We make tech jobs more accessible to these groups by focusing on their potential over past job experience.

Discover your perfect digital career through our free aptitude testing , fast-track your learning through our free training and become employed through our world-leading tech partners all in one place in under 100 hours.

"I left Malaysia in 2015 to be with my partner. No-one wanted to hire someone without a strong Australian work history. When I found out WYWM helped spouses, I reached out - the rest is history."
Yen, Military Spouse & Pega Architect
"100 days ago I decided to become a disability and diversity advocate. The other week, I spoke to 50 of the 76 Australian Senators about a plan to create over 10,000 jobs for autistic Australians inside the Department of Defence."
Rhett Ellis - Neurodiverse Advocate
"I was sceptical at first, but after doing the training and talking to the team, I felt a great sense of purpose and connection with the company and with the work I’m doing."
Eythan ADF Veteran to PEGA Technologist
"Earn that s***, just being given a life is not a life worth living. You need a purpose, you need a fight."
Greg Hanniman CAF Veteran to Technologist
"If someone is thinking about joining WithYouWithMe, I’d say to them to just do it! You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Your time is finite and precious; isn't it worth taking a chance to see what you can do with it?"
Ben Lewis ADF Veteran to PEGA Associate


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Current Serving Military + Military Veterans
Military Spouses & Families
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The WithYouWithMe Way has helped more than 20,000 people successfully transition from the military to a tech career. Do you want to be next?

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Discover your civilian skills and the right career pathway for you based on potential not experience.


Realise your potential, master your craft and continue learning for the rest of your life.

Career Pathways

2,000+ employed graduates and counting...

Software Development

$100,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 96

"I didn't think learning to code would be this easy. Learning how to build my own website as well was a great way to test my skills and knowledge."

-Todd Mahoney, Software Developer

Are You Good At:

Solving problems?
Other Languages?

Then you may be a great Software Developer!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Language Usage
Numerical Reasoning
Find out what your results are>Become A  Software Developer


$100,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 182

"Wonderfully informative, especially when introduced to power queries. It started off with the basics and then dove into the deep end of data at a comfortable pace."

-Alice Kragen, Junior Data Analyst

Are You Good At:

Visualising problems?
Explaining your solutions?

Then you may be a great Data Analyst!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Language Usage
Numerical Reasoning
Find out what your results are>Become A Data Analyst


$145,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 242

"WithYouWithMe provided an awesome online platform for me to become a CSA Tier 1 Analyst."

-Mel Brookes, Tier 1 Cyber Security Analyst

Are You Good At:

Being precise?
Finding small details?

Then you may be a great Cyber Security Analyst!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Digital Aptitude
Language Usage
Find out what your results are>Become A Cyber Security Analyst


$107,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 74

"WithYouWithMe has been supportive throughout the entire learning process providing a great learning platform and instructor-led learning as well as job outcomes following graduation."

-Jessy Cortazzo, Automation Developer

Are You Good At:

Solving problems?
Thinking methodically?
Flow charts?

Then you may be a perfect RPA Consultant!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Find out what your results are>Become A RPA Analyst

Project Management

$102,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 36

"This course did exactly as it promised. It taught me the way to manage a variety of technology projects from start to finish in a step-by-step method that just made sense."

-Jordan Kraney, Digital Project Manager

Are You Good At:

Managing people?
Meeting deadlines?
Managing Change?

Then you may be a great Project Manager!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Verbal Reasoning
Digital Aptitude
Find out what your results are>Become A Project Manager

Systems Administrator

$108,000 AUD Avg. Salary
Open Positions: 18

"WithYouWithMe is providing a perfect training platform for IT professionals. The Systems Administrator Course is a goldmine for learning Linux."

-Jordan Kraney, Linux Systems Administrator

Are You Good At:

Managing Systems?
Fixing Things?

Then you may be a great Systems Administrator!

Aptitude test results that are highest in this field:

Digital Aptitude
Pattern Recognition
Find out what your results are>Become an IT/Systems Admin
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"I am just starting my journey with WYWM and I could not be more excited. The courses are good and challenging, the support is amazing and the data bootcamp adds so much to the experience."

- Jorge Deltoro

"Jimmy was a fantastic Data Foundations Bootcamp instructor and made the information really easy to understand. This course has been perfect for my role and will allow me to actually make use of the data that we collect (but never seem to use)!"

- Jack Burns

The Cyber Bootcamp taught me everything I needed to know to get a comprehensive understanding of the current security environment as well as the methods and techniques used. The daily, one-hour sessions were easy to fit in with my busy schedule.

- Joanne Hegley

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For every course graduation and software license purchased, 10 students will be able to train for free, forever in our courses. We call this The Potential Effect.