Use aptitude and psychometric profiling tools to reliably predict candidate job-fit and culture-fit.


Use our eight digital learning career pathways Cyber, Data, Digital Project Management, Linux, RPA, Service Desk, Software Development, supported by our online instructor-led or self-paced training to develop the skills a Job-Seeker needs to get a job.


Use our platform to access job-ready and trained talent pipelines.



Access Underutilised Internal Talent Pools

Find trapped internal talent and let their careers soar to improve wellness and productivity

Access Untapped External Talent Pools

Testing enables you to access new talent pools, ensuring you are hiring through a diversity of thought and origin.

Build Your Own Talent Pipelines

Our platform, which 1000s of job seekers use, can also help you build teams to get your organisation where it needs to be.

Manage Large-Scale Talent Mobility

Mobilise talent made redundant in one department through training, then re-deploy in a new department.

Empower Job Seekers

Have an impact while you hire! By participating in our community, you can help drive new starters' change and build confidence by offering a digital job to both internal and external talent groups

Ethical Talent Sourcing

Our aptitude and skills testing uses ethical AI to find the best talent for you in significantly less time and eliminates unethical bias.
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Our recruiting and retention rates were abysmal, and it was clear that we need help with our recruiting and HR systems. WYWM potential platform provided a turnkey solution we were able to deploy immediately. The training provided and post-sales support was excellent.
Our employee satisfaction has increased and our retention rate is up over double digits.
Respectable Business Person
Director of HR- Fortune 500 Company

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