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2. Train

Learn new skills and become job ready in under 100 hours.

Free Training to Military Veterans and Their Families.
We give out free training because we care about Ex-Military job outcomes.
Our company was founded by two veterans who went through the struggle of transitioning out of the military as they moved into civilian life. 
They realised that they weren’t alone in their struggles to find meaningful employment, and that Veterans have the ability to think critically and deliver results much faster than most civilians. They are skilled with some of the most in demand traits.

But how do we make money?
Well, we make money from companies that use our software. The same algorithm that helps you find your career path, they use to find hidden talent within their organisation.

- We auto-match you to the skill path which suits you based on the testing results you receive from our in-house testing.
Cyber Defender

The WYWM Cyber Defender.

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

400 hours of world class training provided for free

Over 3 million jobs in Cyber Defense globally

NCSC Certified Course

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it and digital project management

IT and Digital
Project Management.

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Working knowledge of appropriate policies Systems and compliance

Start your own business or a career in consulting

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IT Generalist


Job ready in 50 hours via the WYWM Academy

System maintenance and administration

Linux networking

Troubleshooting common problems

System hardening/security

Start a career as a systems administrator and head towards a career in automation

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Software developer


Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Learn Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and other high demand languages

Create your own reactive websites

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RPA Consultant

RPA Developer/ Consultant.

Job ready in 30 hours via the WYWM Academy

Blue Prism Developer - Accreditation

UI Path Developer - Accreditation

Business process (end-to-end) and feasibility analysis

Process optimisation, improvement and design

RPA solution development and build (end-to-end)

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Data Analytics Consultant

Data Analytics.

Job ready as a data analyst in 100 hours

Technical writing, visualisation and communication

Develop prediction models for complex systems

Design, build and maintain data architectures

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The Tier 1 Cyber Analyst course took me from knowing nothing about cyber security to a point where I had a solid foundational knowledge to conduct further research that prepared me very well for my current role. Great support through the transition process by the whole team, fantastic and patient instructors guiding me through well prepared and business relevant course content.

Chris Wilson
Veteran - CSA

Jane Lowe

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