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Keeping the world's networks and eCommerce sites compliant and secured from shadowy hands with Military-Grade experience.

“Mission First,” your company’s mission is of the utmost importance and ThreatPoint™ executes identification, tracking, analyzing, and remediation both internal and external incidents ensuring your business is cyber secured and compliant.

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Welcome to Defence as a Service (DaaS)

ThreatPoint™ delivers affordable security services to businesses by offering Live Cyber Security Help Desk Support. We also help businesses with Threat Intelligence, Endpoint Protection, and SOC Support services. ThreatPoint™ provides businesses with cost effective 24x7 monitoring, analysis and customer alerting of security events.

Free Veteran Cyber Desk

The ThreatPoint™ Veteran Cyber Desk offers free help desk support for cyber related incidents. Gain military level professionalism and experience in working through and resolving your business’s cyber issues. Our cyber security analysts are standing by.

Professional assistance with Australian and United States military veterans

Knowledgeable with industrial and military best practices

Incident investigation and process mitigation for your cyber issue

General cyber security advice, tips and recommendations

Threat Intelligence

ThreatPoint™ Threat Intelligence delivers advanced threat intelligence by utilizing automated capabilities with numerous threat feeds from world government agencies, large corporations and organizations.

Automated Intelligence System (AIS) to defend against zero-day threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs); also known as “the big bad guys”

Real time analysis of global threat data from corporations, organizations and government agencies around the world.

Gain leverage over threats by discovering their presence, map their infrastructure and counter their actions.

Compliments both IT and Security service providers.

Observe and secure the organization’s Digital Footprint.

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

ThreatPoint™ SOCaaS is an enterprise grade monitoring security service, but at an affordable sliding scale model, allowing for lower operating costs and thus greater profits.

Advanced correlation and analysis of network traffic, system alerts and behaviour patterns.

Investigation of risks and incidents

Actionable alerts with detailed steps ensuring swift remediation.

Assured compliance with industrial and government regulations

Options to support, Business Hours, Off Business Hours or 24x7 security monitoring

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Protection

Protect your company’s devices and precious data with effective host-based defence systems. When all other layers of defences of have been penetrated, rest assured by having a cyber sentinel standing guard to block the intruder.

Monitor, Detect and Defend Computers and Data

Prevent Intrusions from Threats and Threat Actors

Dashboard providing the status of the organization’s security posture

Investigate Suspicious Behaviours

Provide Governance and Compliance

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