The Great Brick-athon

A Hackathon about finding the source of the holy grail of Brick Design.

Challenge your Cyber Skills and win $10,000!!!

The Great Brick-a-thon is a cyber hackathon filled with cyber lessons, giveaways, guest speakers and probably a lot of shoeys.

Check out this video to see some of the highlights from some of previous Hackathons.

What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an cyber challenge event where you are presented with a set list of questions you need to answer and in order to answer them you need to perform some basic and some complex cyber security tasks.

Leveraging you cyber knowledge is key to completing these Hackathons and completing these Hackathons can scroe you some big prizes! So brush up on your cyber skills for this one!

When & Where?

As always, our Hackathon are online and available to compete from anywhere in the world!

With that being said we are also hosting this event LIVE and IN PERSON at our new Sydney office in Chippendale!

Food and drink will be provided as well as a few other goodies and a end of Hackathon party.

The event will be on the 5th of March at 10am AEDT and will run for approximately 8-10 hours so hopefully see you there!

First Prize

$100 – NFT
Lego set of choice

Second Prize

$2,000 – Cash
Lego set of choice

Third Prize

$200 – Cash
Lego set of choice