Mike Toupin

CAF Armoured Recce Driver


Cloud Architect

my story

“At the end of my #military career, I was selected for a posting that left me no choice to go without my family. I decided it was too much and made the decision at this point to move to DND as a #civilian employee.  I did not have any plan at that time but I had a lot of contacts that helped me to #transition as a civilian into the Computer Science field.

I was approached by a #WYWM employee. I didn't know the company at this time but I did a lot of research afterward and was surprised by #WithYouWithMe mission and ongoing support to #veterans and their #families.

At first, I was believing WYWM was yet another #recruitment firm, but I was really wrong. After watching their website and seeing what they are trying to accomplish by resolving #unemployment, I was really surprised by the social impact the company is trying to achieve.

Since I am a problem solver, I enjoy fixing things and finding solutions to every problem. What WYWM is trying to solve is not an easy thing but I want to be part of this to help our fellow veterans. This is the main reason why I wanted to join the WYWM team.

My family and peers find this really cool, they know that I enjoy fixing things and creating #solutions and WYWM is really offering me this kind of #environment and a chance to work with an exceptional team. I wish WYWM existed in #Canada while I wanted to transition to the civilian world. If I can give a piece of #advice to my fellow veterans, apply to the #CWEP program. WYWM will train you and help your transition into your future #IT job.”

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