Jason Briers

Radio Technician


Integration Squad Developer at Accenture

my story

“After I left the RAAF, I began my job search. While checking some #veteran stories on Facebook, I came across an advertisement about #WithYouWithMe.

At first, I questioned if this was really true and what's the catch?

I messaged the Facebook page.

Got a response from Dylan Poulton.

Signed up to Potential portal. Completed testing.

Started the Cyber path, then I received job offers even while I was still training.

Their interview process was amazing, I went from signing up, to completing a course, to having a full-time job in just 94 days.

My family was so proud to have me associated with a veteran-based environment and technical role.

My brother is also considering signing up as a family member.

My advice to my veterans is to forget your experience as it doesn't matter! Do the testing and unlock your potential for a future technical career role. It’s totally free to veterans, with full support along your journey, and full-time employment with a high-paying entry-level position.

No Duff, No Duff, No Duff!

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