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Hello, and welcome for the first Neuro Blog post, my name is Ben Moylan and I am the nominal Head for the neuro project. I am 23 years old with Autism and ADHD.

I would like to outline what we will be doing here at WYWM (WithYouWithMe) But first an introduction to the company, Before taking up the Neurodiverse/Neurodivergent Field WYWM was and is still primarily a veterans tech upskilling and hiring company, Created in part to solve a rising epidemic of unemployment in veterans. Many competent people leave the Military without the time or allotments made to allow for skills building and success in the civilian market.

However since then WYWM has taken on other projects in upskilling, a Prominent example being the retraining of pilots in tech skills during the initial COVID outbreaks. And Within our recent journey into the Neurodiverse/Neurodivergent sphere, in part due to our CEO’s own personal investment with Dyslexia. We’re looking to train and upskill Neurodiverse/Neurodivergent people. To do this we’ve specifically set up a variant signup for neurodiverse candidates through their own pathway into the same available courses (CyberSecurity, Data Analytics, I.T Fundamentals, Linux Fundamentals, Digital Project Management, Robotic Process Automation, Software Development)  

So let’s get to brass tacks regarding Neuro, What are our goals? Well firstly, we want to upskill 1000 neurodiverse Australians the previously mentioned tech skills. You’ve likely heard that before, even when you first came across the project. What candidates are given is a specific Neuro signup and login, allowing us to keep track of them separate from our veterans. Neuro candidates can suggest changes and improvements relating to specific barriers relating to their conditions, We had previously rolled out transcripts for instructional videos on courses. To help with the focus issues had by Autistic and ADHD Individuals.

Our second goal, is to actually get Neurodiverse individuals who we have trained and upskilled into stable employment that is conscious and productive relating to their skillsets and conditions

WYWM is ultimately a hiring company, We do our best to get you these jobs and prepare you for them in corresponding sectors, (Currently there is a demand for Data Analytics, with some jobs paying an 80-90k Aud salary. This is actually a very easy field to learn!)  Our commitment to you at the end of the pipeline should you request it is to be able to offer you a job in the corresponding field to the course, or courses you have taken. 

And for an Ancedote which may explain my motivations in wanting to help WYWM i should take the time to tell my own story. 

I was diagnosed With Aspergers syndrome at the age of 5 years old, i can’t remember what promompted the diagnosis, i spent a lot of time out of classes being taken to what i thought was a doctor at the time but was now obviously some kind of specialist. While I vaguely knew that something was different with me onwards from that age. (i struggled with writing and patience and had to take occupational therapy classes) The reality of living with autism and later ADHD   wouldn’t become apparent until i entered High school. I was sometimes taken out of the class to go to group disability events or support sessions. But otherwise I was allowed to work in class and be a regular student. At the age of 14 however i was brought into the guidance councilors office. Everyone was having their first initial visits. Each student spoke 1 on 1 with the councilor. And so the councilor at the time said to me something along of the lines of “You seem to have difficulties, and will most likely never work a job without first going through a disability agency or without government help” They proceeded to try and show me pamphlets on these disability organisations. And that day i went home and I cried. To me i was just another human being. While i had problems to manage why the need to segregate me? This demotivated me and alongside issues with my focus even though they were assisted by ritalin meant i would struggle for the rest of school. While those weren’t my only problems with school at the time. It contributed to me leaving in year 11 to go to tafe and pick up network administration. That day Demotivated me, and cost me a lot of productive time and effort in improving my life. I would hope that we can restore that same motivation to anyone with a neurodiverse condition, who feels that ultimately they were let down. There’s a phrase i like it relates to Poker, which i enjoy playing for fun with my mates. “Your life is half a hand dealt by circumstance, but also half a hand you deal to yourself” 

I look forward to bringing you more content. Stay tuned, Ben.

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