My name is Cameron Cortazzo 🌊, I’m 26 and I have #ADHD.
my story

Ever since I was little, my Mum has said “you’ve never been able to just sit still” to her half-frustration juggling two kids, work and household responsibilities. I can’t blame her, I had ALOT of energy and still do and I’ve never seen my ADHD as an issue, in fact it hasn’t been identified until a number of years ago.

A partner of mine thought I had ADHD and I laughed and said “probably” so I did one of the online #tests. When I say “I did a test” my partner asked me the questions while I was playing a mobile game on my phone that I was super addicted to at the time. After investigating further I found out that I did have ADHD but it was never picked up.

Without the #barrier of someone saying “You have ADHD” I was free without worry. All the shortcomings of ADHD I would just pass off as “these are my weaknesses” and always saw the #potential I had not realising that there was something holding me back in certain areas. What I did however realise is what potentially some people who are #Neurodiverse never do, is that there are a lot of things that ADHD helps with to drive you forward.

When an #employer can make you feel valuable, make you feel like you matter and understands your weaknesses, you will always feel #empowered to achieve more. Once I feel like I’m #valued and people know my weaknesses, I become hyper-focused on doing the best I can to repay them. The interesting thing about realising this is that I have weaknesses because of ADHD, but so does everyone. I also have #strengths because of ADHD, just like everyone else. A good #manager needs to cater to and help ANY individual with their strengths and support them with their weakness, you just need to know what they are.

Since I was given a chance at WithYouWithMe, I’ve achieved so much and am so grateful for this #opportunity to see past my weaknesses and acknowledge my potential. Now I’m in here and seeing what the Potential Platform can do, I just wonder why more people aren’t using it. It’s not just about looking at your #staff and seeing who has the right #attitude and #aptitude for certain #IT roles, the #platform is so much more than that. It’s an insight into the cultural, intellectual and psychometric #diversity of your employees and finding potential not just in them, but the potential to learn more about your employees' strengths and shortcomings and work together to get the most out of them! Massive shout out to Jordan "Corporate Social Responsibility" Minhinnick and Dylan "Security-cleared Talent" Poulton.

Whether you have Neurodiverse staff, ex-veterans or just regular bob from down the road, gaining #perspective into these insights are extremely valuable to your #company and it shows from the rapid growth that WYWM has gone through since adopting this approach!

If you haven’t got the potential platform in your company, check it out, it’s something that could change your company!

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