Hello, my name is David Richardson I’m 34 and I have #Dyslexia.
my story

It’s been apparent ever since I was young. I started speaking at quite a late age and have always been behind the ball with my #language skills.

Unfortunately, I really struggled with #academic learning and eventually left school in year 10. During my time in retail, I did some Tafe certs but had issues doing an ICT diploma online.

I still didn’t feel I had many approaches given my lack of qualifications, so I joined the Australian Army doing #IT. While being in the #army it was the first time that I started to be #honest with the people around me about my learning #disabilities.

They didn’t care, it was a healthy #environment where I could let my other #talents shine. I’ve always been good at math and enjoy technical #troubleshooting or logic problems.

My time in the army was coming to a foreseeable end due to the physical condition of my back and I started to prepare myself for what was to come next. I signed up to WithYouWithMe on the #advice of a mate who was also using the site to get free #training in #tech for when the inevitable happens.

I signed up to WithYouWithMe’s #Potential platform and did my aptitude #testing, to no surprise I didn’t do well with my English results but that was only a small part of my total #aptitude. I realized that there were other jobs I would be good for based on my #abilities.

Since then, #WithYouWithMe has taken me on and trained me in a system called Pegasystems, they are always trying to find out the best ways that people learn to help get everyone over the line with their qualifications. Having an open and #transparent#culture also made asking questions feel easy.

WithYouWithMe has found me #employment using #PEGA, but I am still encouraged by them to continue to #upskill. Now that I know what I’m suited for I have started to enjoy #learning about things like #data analytics, it makes a lot more sense to me and it's not something I find ambiguous.

My advice to others is to take ownership of your #neurodiversity or anything you think maybe holding you back. I am now at a place where I feel comfortable being open about it and I can accept my flaws. It's at this point you understand everyone has something to offer a team and to recognize and hone your skills.

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