Stop Looking For Single Talent and Find a Team!

We’ve helped thousands of military veterans find new and meaningful careers since we launched  in December 2016. We are inspired daily by the stories of individuals finding new purpose. We are proudly Australian owned and Veteran founded.

Hire a team for up to 3 years with continued support and training.

The WithYouWithMe squad program doesn't just enable you to hire teams, we also continuously provide ongoing training and support to our veterans. This ensures that the talent you hire are always at the bleeding edge of their professional with certified courses.

Military does high performing teams well

High performing teams in the military consist of three things. A leader, a shared mission and a sense of belonging. We want to use these in the civilian world. That is why we group veterans that complement each others skills, give them a leader that has been taught to lead in the military and together they will work together on a ‘deployment’ into a company to solve their tech needs.

Why Join Squads

WYWM understands that not every veteran wants a job straight away. The veteran portal allows for you to access what you want when you want it. Testing, Training, Events, the Community and Jobs; all on demand when you need it.
“WYWM really helped me find what career suited my strengths and personality. Taught me how to look for a position, how to network and how to update my LinkedIn. Ran me through resume development, how to write a cover letter, interview process. WYWM really bridged the gap.”
George Crooks
Build or Join a SQUAD.

We know things are easier in a team so we created a way for you to test, train and work together; our Squad program. Find friends who are already on the program. Bring friends with you to register. Nominate to be a squad leader and get your team to enrol and graduate together. WYWM is working with employers looking to hire squads to grow their capability.