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Join a squad and level up your career as a tribe

Don't Join a Company Alone.

Leaving your tribe in the military can be daunting. We Understand. So WithYouWithMe created the squad program that empowers you to join a squad of fellow veterans and join an organisation as a squad. Sign up today, train and build your team or join an existing squad.

What Are Squads?

Squads helps veterans transition into the civilian world with a tribe of veterans. Squads are high performing teams of four veterans that utilise their skills from the military, and WYWM Academy then deploy it into organisations.

Learn With Your Tribe

Squads is a structured 12-36 month career transition for veterans. We make your transition to civilian work easy. We'll provide you free training to learn the skills you need to know in our Academy, then you can choose or we can match you up with a squad whilst you are completing the course.
Once your squad has completed their training, you will have the opportunity to be deployed to a company that needs your skills.

Become Your Own Squad Leader.

You will be provided with a tailored career training plan for WYWM Academy to continue your professional development. 
On completion of your deployment, squads may receive full-time contracts from the company or re-deploy into another company. Those who embody our company values will find opportunity to become a Squad Leader.
“WYWM really helped me find what career suited my strengths and personality. Taught me how to look for a position, how to network and how to update my LinkedIn. Ran me through resume development, how to write a cover letter, interview process. WYWM really bridged the gap.”
George Crooks
Build or Join a SQUAD.

We know things are easier in a team so we created a way for you to test, train and work together; our Squad program. Find friends who are already on the program. Bring friends with you to register. Nominate to be a squad leader and get your team to enrol and graduate together. WYWM is working with employers looking to hire squads to grow their capability.