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Reduce the time it takes to find & hire IT Talent by 91%
We help HR professionals save time, money and hire with confidence through our world-leading talent accessibility platform Potential.

Whether you're looking for external tech talent or to re-train your existing workforce, Potential enables your workforce to scale with your tech stack for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Diverse IT talent as a service

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Ethical Job Matching In Seconds

View every internal and external job candidate's information in one, centralised view.
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Security-Cleared IT Talent Pipelines

Access thousands of security-cleared IT talent trained in the skills you need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Access underrepresented tech talent

There isn't a tech talent shortage, companies just don't have access to the right talent groups. Learn more about how you can access our talent pipeline to solve your talent gaps.
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Access groups of diverse security-cleared talent ready to deploy

Our Squads model allows you to deploy multiple security-cleared talent straight away into your team with the right skills, attitude for the role and history working together with ease.
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Aptitude & psychometrically tested talent

Select the ideal soft skills, attitude and personality traits of your ideal candidate. Focus on ability, aptitude and potential, not just experience.
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A world-leading talent marketplace used by world-leading companies

Whatever your talent needs, our marketplace has got it. Accenture, EY and many others use Potential to save time, money and make the right hire every time.
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Unlimited access to talent trained in the programs and software you use everyday.

Do not spend additional time training new staff in the software and programs you use everyday. Hire individuals upskilled and ready-to-go in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services , Salesforce, Pegasystems and many more, all in one location.
For every software license you purchase, 10 students will be able to train for free, forever in our courses. We call this The Potential Effect.