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We get Veterans job ready for tech careers

Test yourself and see if you have the potential to take a future career in a high growth industry. Learn new skills and become job ready in under 100 hours.

Welcome to WithYouWithMe Australia

WYWM is provides current serving Australian Defence members and Veterans with free training and professional development support to start a career in emerging technology post service.

Our program has been designed to support veterans and their immediate families find their next careers and support them through the process of better understanding their strengths. Let us help you find your potential, upskill and obtain your next meaningful career.

The program will be looking to support employment opportunities through our training pathways and we need veterans who would like to stay on mission

Cyber Defender

The WYWM Cyber Defender.

Four defender career pathways

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Training from Analyst through to Threat Hunter

400 hours of world class training provided for free

Over 3 million jobs in Cyber Defense globally

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Cyber consultant

The WYWM Cyber Consultant.

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Working knowledge of appropriate policies and compliance

Conduct penetration tests

Start your own business or a career in consulting with a Cyber foundation

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System Administration

The WYWM Systems Administration.

Job ready in 50 hours via the WYWM Academy

System maintenance and administration

Linux networking

Troubleshooting common problems

System hardening/security

Start a career as a systems administrator and head towards a career in automation

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Cyber Offensive Operator

The WYWM Cyber  Offensive Operator.

Job ready in 100 hours via the WYWM Academy

Scoping the pentest and understanding the client’s requirements

Conduct a vulnerability assessment - enumeration and vulnerability discovery etc.

Conduct a penetration test - exploitation, privilege escalation etc.

Writing a Pentest report

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RPA Consultant

RPA Developer/ Consultant.

Job ready in 30 hours via the WYWM Academy

Blue Prism Developer - Accreditation

UI Path Developer - Accreditation

Business process (end-to-end) and feasibility analysis

Process optimisation, improvement and design

RPA solution development and build (end-to-end)

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Data Science Consultant

Data Scientist.

Job ready as a data analyst in 100 hours and Data Scientist in 400 hours via the WYWM Academy

Technical writing, visualisation and communication

Develop prediction models for complex systems

Design, build and maintain data architectures

Building predictive models, ML algorithms

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