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Australia's Largest Neurodiverse Hiring Event

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- 2021

We are hosting Australia's Largest Neurodiverse Hiring Event

WithYouWithMe's Talent Hiring Events put a twist on the usual way of doing things. Because we hire on potential instead of experience, we open up opportunities that were previously never possible.


Create Lasting

Learn how to develop inclusive hiring and workplace initiatives that actually work.

Objective Talent Profiling

Exclude bias by focusing on people analytics to discover untapped talent that is best fit for the role.

Learn from industry Leaders

Hear from leaders of industry talk about how they successfully implemented and scaled their neurodiverse talentprograms.

Diversity Of Thought

Tackle problems in your company and learn to drive innovation with every new hire made.

Hire for Scale

Discover neurodiverse talent pools with the right skills for the right job at the right time, the most advanced and scalable program of any in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free?
Yes this event is free to everyone interested in attending!
How does this program work?
Companies pay us to test and train their talent, hire our talent. Each time they do this, WYWM is able to give it back and invest into marginalized communities.

Every training seat sold gives ten free training seats to the veteran, military spouse, neurodiverse, and Aboriginal communities.
How much time is needed?
Depending on which stage of the process you are up to, this program can take a different amounts of time. Our testing takes about 1 hour to complete. After you have done your testing you will be matched to an in-demand career pipeline. Upskill for that career through our free courses which can take anywhere from 1 week to a few months to complete.
What equipment do I need?
A computer is needed to complete the courses, if you don't have one you can borrow one from us.
Is the training free?
Yes the training is free too!
Will I get a job at the end of this?
There are job opportunites through our program, although we cannot guarantee you a job.