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WithYouWithMe Potential is a platform that empowers organisations to discover the potential in people, train digital skills, deploy the right talent and grow digital capability in businesses, governments and communities globally.
Australian Military Veterans
Military Spouses
Neurodivergent Technologists

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diversity of thought

Access New Untapped Talent Pools

Find your next technology hires in untapped diverse talent pools.
zero wasted potential

Discover Underutilised Internal Talent

Upskill and inspire your internal talent with continual development and learning to increase retention, drive loyalty, improve wellness and productivity.
right skills. right culture.

Hire With Confidence, Based on Data

Hire perfectly the first time using our world-leading psychometric and aptitude testing suite. Hire people who can do the job before they get the job.
ethical automation powered by human analytics

Use Ethical Talent Sourcing

Hire without bias using our ethical AI to identify internal and external talent with the right skills and potential for the job.
workforce retraining and upskilling

Manage Large-Scale Talent Mobility

Upskill talent made redundant in one department, then re-deploy in a new department using our Potential platform.

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