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Cyber Consultant

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The Cyber Consultant Journey with WYWM

100 hrs via wywm academy

Cyber Security Analyst

Understand the roles within a SOC

Understand the major functionalities and components of a SOC

Operate a SIEM

Understand the 4 phases of an incident and construct an Incident Response Playbook

100 hour course then job ready

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150 hrs via wywm academy

Junior Pentester

Scoping the pentest and understanding the clientā€™s requirements

Conduct a vulnerability assessment - enumeration and vulnerabilitydiscovery etc.

Conduct a penetration test - exploitation, privilege escalation etc.

Writing a Pentest report

150 hour course then job ready

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250 hrs via wywm academy

Advanced Intel Analyst

Historical intelligence and its modern applications

Threat intelligence in cyber security operations

Digital, physical, and human threat analysis

Writing an intelligence report

250 hour course then job ready

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300 hrs Via wywm academy

GRC Cyber Consultant

Understand the importance of security governance, structure, reporting and the role of policy

Conduct risk analysis

Working knowledge of appropriate policies and compliance

Developing a security assessment report

300 hour course then job ready

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WYWM really helped me Discover what career suited my strengths and personality. Trained me to find career opportunities and Deployed me into a tech role. WYWM really bridged the gap & helped me Grow into the civilian world.

George Crooks
Army Veteran - Cyber Security Analyst

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