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We want to solve underemployment for all.
Starting with veterans.

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Talent solution

At a fundamental level, we want
to bring about real change for how the industry view talent and their capability.


We aim to become the best SaaS company on the planet by using our platform to integrate performance testing.

Discover potential

We use aptitude, psychometric and skills testing to match candidates to new careers within emerging areas like technology.

Be the change you want to see

At a fundamental level, we want
to bring about real change for how the industry view talent and their capability.

Join our family

At WithYouWithMe you will get to work alongside the founders of the company as part of a close-knit team that embodies the values of the company.

Own a part of what you are building

We're working to change the world and we want our team to own a part of what we are building. This means you may have the opportunity to join us.

Who are we?

System 1

We care about veterans

System 1 is all things Veterans. Our focus is on supporting the veterans through the entire lifecycle of the WYWM Process. We achieve this through three production lines, each focused on a different core aspect of a successful transition.

Our most important value is BE THE CUSTOMER as we are the custodian of the companies constant connection to the customer.

System 2

We are the engineers

We are the product and content engine room of the company. System Two builds everything from online courses to our software platforms People and Potential. We also include community engagement and the design teams. The key deliverables for System Two is to provide beautiful products to help our users test, train, deploy and grow.

System 3

We care about customers

System 3 is Customer Acquisition: Attract - Convert - Close - Delight! Our system is critical to establishing and nurturing the relationships with all of our customers that provides the opportunities for the military communities. We are made up of sales, marketing and partnerships. We live and breathe the company's values of being fierce, curious, transparent and being the customer in all of our engagements to achieve success.

System 4

We look after everyone

Business Operations is responsible for the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible. We specifically look after Employment and Finance related activities.

Our values

These are the building blocks to our company.

Changing the world is hard. Having the drive, resilience and conviction to resist the institutional imperative every day.

We are always developing, innovating and refining what we do through the lens of how it will benefit our users, so go down the rabbit hole, investigate; ask why and how come; look at our past lessons, dig until you find the root problem. Then act to innovate and solve.

We must be honest with ourselves to sustain hypergrowth. Having the moral courage to open up to the tribe on what we are doing well and what needs to improve. We believe in open communication of our thoughts and emotions.

Our customer is not just our enterprise clients, it is also the veteran community. This value is about ensuring we are putting the customer first in EVERYTHING we do. From product design and implementation to how we market ourselves and how we represent the community as a whole.

Our principles

These are the building blocks to our company.

We should come together to share job knowledge and ideas. Ask for help when needed and willingly offer assistance by being accessible and tackling problems together, you’re not alone, we are one team.

Be accountable for publicly upholding the company values and demonstrating the true benefits of leadership.

We encourage everyone to make BOLD decisions, even if it is the wrong one. Mistakes and failures happen, so be accountable and publicly own them that way we can all learn from them and grow as a team.

Embrace creativity and do not fear using unconventional thinking or solutions to solve hard problems. What we are doing is new and disruptive. Our methods can reflect our hard core determination.

Celebrate the personal and group successes more often, embrace the quick wins

Be a self starter and show drive. Be proactive when you can and be reactive only when you have to, but always be moving toward the goal.

Embrace your own style, quirks, and what makes you unique, while being a part of the greater team and celebrating everyone's differences.

When accepting, completing or assigning a task, apply a “time to task” approach, by identifying the time that is expected to complete the task. Be mindful of others' current workload.

When someone tells you to go home, drop tools and go home. They are telling you that for a reason, burnout is a reality.

Our awards



LinkedIn's Top 10 Australian Startup's



Excellence in Supporting Veterans in Employment



Excellence in Supporting Veterans in Employment



Deloitte Fast 50



Deloitte Fast 500 APAC



Outstanding Contribution by an Organisation to Veterans' Employment



Excellence in Supporting Veterans in Employment

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