Discovering potential and reliably predicting job and culture fit.

We use people analytics to see what high growth industry matches their traits and skills.


Using Testing To Predict Potential.

WYWM uses psychometric and aptitude testing to reliably predict which SFIA skills an individual has the strongest propensity to learn. Based on the testing results, WYWM recommends career pathways and jobs for individuals to pursue.

Big Five Personality Trait Model To Predict Culture Fit.

WYWM takes the Big-5 personality model's principles to produce our own three unique archetypes, making hiring for culture even easier. The three archetypes are:

Creatives: Great ideas people, and problem solvers. They thrive in unstructured environments and are great at challenging the status quo. Creatives are very useful in start-up, growth and resurgent companies.

Doers: Diligent & hard working. They thrive in structured environments, have a large capacity for work and love completing projects and tasks. Doers are very useful in growth and mature environments.

Translators: Strong leaders and caring. They thrive in team environments and are great at producing high-performing teams and increasing the effectiveness of people. Translators are helpful in growth, mature and resurgent companies.

Aptitude Testing To Predict Job Fit.

WYWM tests seven different aptitudes. Each aptitude is then uniquely weighted by a proprietary WYWM method to predict an individual's propensity to be good at any one of SFIAs skills. Jobs within WYWM are built based on required SFIA skills. Based on the skills necessary in a job, the WYWM algorithm instantly short-lists individual's who would be best at the job based on their Aptitude results. This is how WYWM measures an individual's genuine potential for new jobs.

Certified Testing Standards.

All testing has been produced by WYWM and certified by the University of Sydney to ensure all testing meets industry best-practice. WYWM also uses the SFIA skills framework, which is a globally recognised standard for digital skills.

Initial Skills Capture.

WYWM's software platform allows our clients to build or add their skills framework and to record pre-existing training and skills that individuals already have. You can also produce testing standards to ensure individuals genuinely possess the skills they record in their profile.

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