Hire For Skills & Potential Over Experience

By employing the WYWM way, you will be able to hire the right skills and culture every-time


Shortlisting Candidates In Seconds.

Adding a job on WYWM Potential is different to any other platform you will have used before. In Potential, you will create a job based on the SFIA skills (or your skills framework) relevant to the role, and you will assign a significant weighting to each skill. Before publishing the job, you will need to choose the maturity stage of the team the job belongs to. Once the job has been published, it will automatically match candidates with the right skills and culture fit to the job and the teams.

WYWM Jobs Board.

Once a job has been published, you can choose to share the role with internal candidates only or share the position with the broader WYWM candidate pool. WYWM has a global talent pool of over 40,000 users, with an average of 5,000 active job seekers at any one time.

Internal Candidates.

Hire any one of your employees once they have completed our training and gained the skills they need to get the job. If you want to hire someone into your team and they don't have the skills you need them to have, sponsor them to complete our training and then apply for your role once they are ready.

External Candidates.

WYWM is constantly testing, matching and training job-seekers into new digital careers. Each month we have 200+ new job-seekers complete our job-ready training, who are ready to be hired into your business.

Diversity & Inclusion.

The power of the WYWM Way is your ability to go to any non-traditional talent pool and find people with the potential to complete our training and be hired into your team. WYWM Potential is the most actionable platform to help you grow your D&I across your business, especially in digital careers.

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