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Data Analyst

Learn how to turn raw numbers into insights which shape business outcomes, across a range of industries!


While most course providers will base content around learning software tools, the WYWM Data Analyst course builds job-ready skills in basic applications first and then applies these skills to relevant industry-standard software later. We will give you the confidence and skills to ask: what software will be best for this task? Rather than: what analysis can I complete with this software?

Our course teaches a wide range of tools that are scalable anywhere, in any industry. By focusing first on core skills of data analysis, we build curious, confident analysts who can apply themselves to any situation and solve a wide variety of problems. The skill of data analytics will be useful wherever your career takes you.

Analysis means little if it’s not presented clearly and in a way which informs decision-making. This course emphasises the fundamental skills of communication and confident delivery of results, rejecting the stereotype of a data analyst as an “introvert nerd” and instead fostering the informed and confident leaders. The Data Analyst course graduates a business-focused Data Analyst capable of integrating and transforming large-scale datasets using Excel Power Query, analysing data using statistical methods in Excel and Python and visualising and communicating results usingMicrosoft Power BI.


Introduction Module

6 Hourse

Excel the Basics

9 hours

Road to Analysis

35 hours

The Analyst

40 hours
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